Seagates of Alemlat

The so-called Seagates of Alemat are named for Alemat of Komal, the esteemed Sha’ir who served the Shah of Komal from 455-510 C.Y.

Alemlat was a undine, said to be the nephew of Ben-Hadar, Grand Vizier of the Marids. He learned many secrets regarding the sea, not the least of which were the gates which now bear his name.

Each of the three worlds contains 18 of these gateways, known as nexi. To complicate matters, the gateways move and shift with the tides. Each resembles a storm or bank of fog, with strong, choppy winds and seas to match. Through use of a special compass, a captain or navigator can locate one of these gates, and with skill, emerge on one of the two other worlds of Chornalth. The gates do have several features common to all, as follows:

1. Nexi are always accompanied by bad weather. This is caused by differing barometric pressure and tidal stresses interacting across the rifts between the worlds. There is always fog, and often thunderstorms as well.

2. Any of the 18 gates on one world can be used to travel to any of the 18 gates on any of the other worlds, but passage through a nexus typically collapses the bridge and causes it to reappear elsewhere (thus, one could not, for example, sail through a gate on Liga to Beregond, then right back through to somewhere else on Liga (potentially crossing enormous local distances)). The ‘new’ nexus that forms could be many, many miles distant.

3. The nexi are… inexact. One can sail, for example, from the Sea of Gearnat on Liga to the Sea of Fallen Stars on Beregond, but beyond that, where, exactly in the target body of water one arrives is a matter of chance.

Seagates of Alemlat

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