(Note: F.I. stands for First Incarnation, S.I. stands for Second Incarnation. This timeline covers only the history shared by The Three Worlds. The individual timelines of each of The Three Worlds, from the time of The Awakening, onward, can be found on their individual pages.)

-200,000 F.I. – Phos creates Chornalth, it’s moons, and the entire Chornalth solar system

-100,000 F.I. – Phos creates the first humans and teaches them rudimentary survival skills

-90,000 F.I. – Phos destroys humanity with a great, world engulfing firestorm due to their attempts to become gods themselves through their technology. The human’s leader, Skotos, pleads for mercy, and is saved by Phos, so someone remembers, and is brought to Phos’ realm on Mt. Celestia, on the planes and made immmortal by Phos.

-80,000 F.I. – Skotos, using the technology of his human forebearers, and the magic he learned in Phos’ realm, leads a rebellion against Phos, with the aid of Daemon (Yugoloth) mercenaries and the help of his lover Lillithia (a Marilith). Skotos is defeated, and exiled to the Abyss. Skotos vows vengeance

-70,000 F.I. – Phos repopulates Chornalth with humans, and places limits upon technology, so that it may never be used to penetrate beyond the Prime Material Plane.

-60,000 F.I. – Skotos populates Selune with humans, and begins sharing with them the technological knowledge of his people.

-50,000 F.I. – The Aurelian Confederation is founded on Chornalth, uniting the different nation-states of the world into one unified world government. The Skothian Empire unites Selune beneath it’s iron rulership.

-49,989 F.I. – The Aurelian Confederation and The Skothian Empire first make contact and war breaks out between Chornalth and Selune.

-49,985 F.I. – The Aurelian confederation and The Skothian Empire make peace, dividing the Chornalth System between themselves.

-49,975 F.I. – The Aurelian Confederation discovers Warp Drive technology.

-49,973 F.I. – With the aid of Skotos, the Skothian Empire discovers Hyperdrive.

-49,971 F.I. – Both the Aurelian Confederation and the Skothian Empire begin exploring the galaxy. War again breaks out between the Aurelians and Skothians.

-49,965 F.I. – The Skothians are defeated by the Aurelians and exiled from the Chornalth System. Selune is rendered incapable of supporting life. The Skothians eventually conquer the planet Daemos, and begin rebuiding their civilization.

-49,960 F.I. – -40,000 F.I. – The Aurelian Confederation continues it’s explorations of the galaxy, making peaceful contact with the species it encounters, and welcoming them into The Confederation. At the same time, the Skothians begin the conquest of their neighboring systems, building the New Empire.

-30,000 F.I. – The Confederation reaches it’s peak and discovers the New Empire. Skirmishes break out between the two nations.

-29,999 F.I. – The first war between The Confederation and The New Empire breaks out.

-29,034 F.I. – The war between The Confederation and The New Empire ends.

-29,033 F.I. – At the request of the other deities, Phos replaces Selune with Daemos (The original Selune was now a barren rock like Earth’s moon) and prevents Skothian and Confederation ships from leaving Chornalth space. This causes all FTL drives, Warp and Hyperdrive, to cease functioning. A Phos imposed peace exists between the two worlds for the next 28,033 years (the other races were affected by their respective deities to forget that the humans ever existed. The Confederation was renamed The Federation and The New Empire was “overthrown”)

-1000 F.I. – The Great War breaks out between the Confederation and New Empire, due to a “celestial” war between Skotos and Phos breaking out (Skotos had his followers preparing for the war with The Confederation for quite some time).

-25 F.I. – The New Empire begins construction on their first Death Star.

-24 F.I. – Death Star 1 is destroyed by Confederation saboteurs

-22 F.I. – The New Empire begins construction on a new Death Star

-21 F.I. – Confederation forces destroy Death Star 2

-18 F.I. – The New Empire begins construction on a new Death Star out by Hades.

-9 F.I. – The Confederation learns of the existence of Death Star 3 and attempts to destroy it.

-4 F.I. – Death Star 3 achieves orbit around Chornalth. Skotos is defeated by Phos and imprisoned in ice on the 4,000th layer of The Abyss. Phos then destroys Death Star 3 and The New Empire. Unfortunately, in his wrath, Phos also destroys 98% of The Confederation on Chornalth.

0 – The Rebirth The suffering of the survivors of The Great War causes Phos to recreate Chornalth, not a one, but as three separate worlds (Beregond, Krynn, and Liga), connected magically to one another through the ‘Astral Seas’. The survivors are placed into stasis by Phos. Magic replaces technology as the driving force in the world. However, as a reminder of what was and what could again befall the world, Phos creates The Memories, leaving a piece of the old world on each of The Three Worlds, creating The Ruins of The Ancients (on Beregond) and similar areas on Krynn and Liga. To protect The Memories, Phos creates the Fraal and charges them with protecting The Memories from plunder. In an attempt to prevent another Great War, Phos invites other deities to Chornalth. The Overgod sends Lord Ao to “assist” Phos in running the Chornlath Sphere. This arrival weakens Phos, and the former Creator/Overgod of Chornalth becames a mere Greater Deity. Lord Ao is established as Overgod of Beregond. Chaos, the overgod of the Krynnish Pantheon, is inadvertently brought to the sphere with the Krynnish deities on Krynn. The current continents of The Three Worlds are created along with most of the races of Chornalth.

3 S.I. – The Awakening. Phos and the other Gods mold The Sleepers into the Chosen Races (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, and Gnomes) and spread them across Chornalth as well as creating new races from the ether. The majority of The Races of Chornalth appear across the Three Worlds.



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